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√ Cylinder Cutout Test on DETROIT Engine using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL)

Cylinder Cutout Test (DDDL v6.46)

Figure 1.1 - Diagnostics (Cylinder Cutout)

To test the engine by measuring its performance when you selectively cut out its cylinders:
1. Connect DETROIT Engine (DDEC) using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL v6.46)

2. Choose Cylinder Cutout from the Diagnostics menu to display the Cylinder Cutout dialog box (as Figure 1.1 above).

3. Click on the Automatic radio button if you want to run a test with each cylinder cut out in turn. 
or Click on the Manual radio button if you want to run a test with one cylinder cut out. 

Figure 1.2 - Cylinder Cutout

4. Click on a Test Speed radio button to decide whether to run the test at Idle speed, 1,000 RPM or under manual (Free RPM) control.

5. Press Run Test.
After the test has been run, the Cylinder Cutout dialog box will show the results, for example: test at Idle speed (DETROIT Series 60).

Figure 1.3 - Cylinder Cutout (Test at Idle Speed)

6. To print the data in the Cylinder Cutout dialog box: Press Print.
The Print dialog box will be displayed so that you can choose how to print the data. This dialog box is also displayed when you choose Print from the File menu.

In the example above, the figures (PulseWidth) are similar for each cylinder, showing that all cylinders are working correctly. If any case, one or more cylinder is much less than the figures (PulseWidth) for the other cylinders, it can indicating a potential problem with that cylinder.

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