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√ Open and Changing the Customer Calibration for DETROIT Engine (DDEC) using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL)

Customer Calibration (DDDL v6.46)

Figure 1.1 - Reading Data from the ECM

1. Connect DETROIT Engine (DDEC) using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL v6.46)
2. Once connected, open "Calibration - Retrieve" menu.

Figure 1.2 - Calibration (Retrieve)

3. It will Loading "Reading Data from the ECM" as displayed on Figure 1-1
The Calibration window for DDEC has a number of different pages labeled by tabs at the top of the window:
Figure 1.3 - Retrieved Calibration (Protection)

The controls may be
-Enabled and Editable: the values are shown as black text against a white background with a black caption.
 -Enabled and Read-Only: the values are shown as black text against a gray background with a black caption, you cannot change its setting since the control is Read-Only.
-Disabled: the values are blank against a gray background with a dark gray caption.

Controls may be disabled if you are connected to an ECM that does not support that feature or if it depends on some other control, such as a check box, that has not been selected.

4. To view the different pages of data shown in the window, click on the tab labeling the page holding the data group, or hold the Control key down while you press the number key shown on the tab.

Figure 1.4 - Retrieved Calibration (Limits)
Figure 1.5 - Retrieved Calibration (ISD & VSD)

Changing the Calibration
To transmit the calibration shown in the calibration window to the ECM:
-For DDEC, enter the ECM's password into the Password box (for security the numbers you type will not be shown). For example, on "Protection" tab: I changed the "Oil - Oil Pressure" from "Shutdown" to "Warning" as Figure 1-3 below.
Figure 1.6 - Changing Calibration/ Protection (Oil Pressure) 

-Press "Transmit" to "Sending Data to the ECM".
To reset all the values that you have changed since you last saved the calibration or transmitted it to the ECM: Press "Reset"

If you need the Password for Changing the Customer Calibration, please Contact Us.